28 December 2005

Happy birthday Mom!!!!

Yes, it is true, my poor mother has a birthday dangerously close to Christmas. Poor thing has to share her birthday with the baby Jesus and everything.

But that is allright because this year she got the one thing that she really wanted.....a 20Q game!!!!!! My WONDERFUL boyfriend, WM got one of these ingenious little electronic games for Christmas. For the uninitiated, the 20Q game actually plays that 20 questions game that most people used to play on road trips to waste time. "Which one," you ask. Come on, you know, the one where one person thinks of a person, place, or thing and the other person has 20 questions that they can use to find out what you are thinking. It really is quite fun.

Anyway, my mom began playing with his toy over the weekend. She became addicted immediately. Eventually, no one could even talk to her for hours at a time. But he left and took his toy with him. Heh.

After a withdrawl period, mom recovered. But the cycle will soon begin again.

New Year's

In the tradition of Unfortunate Serendipity, I have a New Year's resolution.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Stop working my street corner.

Get your resolution here

26 December 2005

Nine months....

Nine months ago today WM and I met for our first date at a local hockey game. We both spent time playing around on a "not so serious" dating web site (OKcupid) answering quizes and having fun. Nothing serious. Neither of us were seriously looking for a new relationship or anything at all. Randomly, both of us decided to start talking to a couple of people that the site matched us up with. We decided to meet somewhere very public and...bing, bang, boom...I kissed him!!!

The best part is that we haven't stopped!

Happy nine monthiversary, WM! I love you very much.

01 December 2005

Backdated update on the Life Choices front...

Early mid-life crisis still standing, I may have a plan. Maybe. For now, at least.

Okay. I need a little more forceful opening....something more definite.

I HAVE A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE! (loudly, with feeling and excitement) After racking the brain, including much banging of the head against the wall, I outlined some possibilities. When push comes to shove, I love medicine and the process of studying the way that the human body works. I have a desire to stay in healthcare, but I have become somewhat dissillusioned with the mainstream healthcare system. However, eastern medicine is a different direction entirely that would require quite a bit of time with a lower end salary. Chiropractic medicine appears to be a great compromise between the two worlds. Chiropractors are recognized members of the medical community that utilize conventional western practices and less conventional practices to encourage the body to heal.

The "pros and cons" list is long. In the end, I decided that the process was worth a try.

wish me luck....(good luck, self)