03 September 2005

What do these people expect?

So, I mentioned that I am looking into nanny jobs. I realize that I am at a bit of a disadvantage. With no full-time experience working in childcare, I can not pretend that I know all of the ins and outs of the field. There are many people that make a lifetime career out of taking care of someone else's children. Honestly, I admire these people. I definitely could not do that for a living.

My problem begins here: people in the Dallas/Forth Worth area do not want to pay for good childcare. I realize that DFW is not a big hub of nanny-laden families....not like Washington DC or Boston or New York where every other family has a nanny following the kids around. What do the people expect? They would gladly dish out $250 per week for a local daycare to watch their child along with nine other kids, but suddenly become miserly when it comes to paying for private childcare. WM thinks that they are stuck in the "babysitter mentality". People around here don't think about a nanny as a private tutor, governess, and caregiver. A nanny should be an educated, loving, patient person that will care for your child like it was their own....Or even better than their own. If you are lucky, you find someone with bonuses like CPR, first aid, pediatric emergency training, and swim teacher training.

Do you think that you can honestly get that kind of wonderful care for minimum wage? Honestly!


Blogger WiredMonkey said...

Another problem, to be a bit un-P.C. about this, would be that Texas is pretty close to the border. You can get "foreign help" for quite a discounted rate in the bigger cities, such as DFW. Maybe?

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