13 August 2005

You are now entering...

Unemployment Land
Population: Me

Heh....Here I am, in the land of the unemployed or under-employed, again. Bitter? Who, me? Never. (lunatic grin coupled with a high-pitched giggle)

Well, at least I am past the "throwing things and wanting to do horrible things to the new supervisor" stage. Oh, my, I am still very angry. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I work, correction worked, at an undisclosed Diagnostic Center as a paramedic/medical assistant since the end of April. When I began, the place was in a state of disorder produced by rapid growth with little structure. The problems were aggravated by the fact that there was no one officially in charge of the medical personnel. Paperwork was outdated and useless and protocols were completely ineffectual. I was hired under the impression that they were considering one of the paramedic , including myself, for a supervisor position in the future. After the pre-requisite adjustment time, I began working with the doctors, office managers, and other paramedics in both offices to organize things and generally make things work better. I helped maintain a business contract for the company. By all accounts, I thought that I was doing an excellent job demonstrating my organizational and managerial abilities. My colleagues and I received numerous compliments on patient care. Good, job, right?

Upon returning from my road-trip weekend, one of my colleagues mentioned that there was a new paramedic wondering around the office during the day I was out. "No big deal", I thought, "there was a vacancy at the other office." The same gentleman showed up at the office the next day. No word from anyone. He appeared to be floating between meetings. Who cares, he isn't affecting my day.

Then, one of the girls that works at the front desk asks me what I think of my, deep breath, NEW SUPERVISOR! "What!" I ask. "What are you talking about?" She proceeds to explain that the man was introduced to her as the new MA supervisor last week. Let me reiterate....LAST WEEK!

A fact collection mission produces two important things:
1) not one of the paramedics were informed or introduced to the new "supervisor"
2) none of the paramedics were told that they were actually hiring anyone for the position.

One might say that these things are not unheard of or particularly unusual in the corporate world, but that doesn't make the pill any less bitter. The management set an example of showing little to no respect to the employees and the new "supervisor" followed their lead. Hard not to take such things personally.

The next two weeks were an education in inner-office politics. Daily doses of swollen pride and frustration the only thing on the menu. I told myself, "Self, don't worry about it. Things will get better when you move to the other office." And things did improve when I wasn't face to face with a constant reminder of my frustration. I figure that I can handle things while I continue to work toward something better. No big deal.

Friday started as any other day. Busy, busy, busy. At 5pm I was preparing to leave for the weekend, when the BOSS over both centers calls me into his office. "Bad news," he says. "We are letting you go."

*imagine dramatic, cartoonish jaw drop to the floor*

"Blah, blah, blah....We recently discovered that we can't afford 5 paramedics on the payroll...blah,blah,blah...Left it up to the 'new guy' to decide who would have to go...blah,blah...He decided on you today...blah...I don't really understand the choice, he didn't really explain, but I don't want to undermine his authority...blah,blah,blah....Letting him form his own team...blah,blah...You are a great employee and worked hard for us...blah, blah...Was supposed to be someone else...blah...We are going to give you one week extra pay to help you out, even though we don't usually do that...blah,blah...You helped us out when we really needed it.....blah,blah...I will gladly write you a recommendation...."

Honestly, this went on for some time while I picked my jaw up off the floor. Shock does not describe my feelings properly. The anger didn't kick in for several minutes after I graciously thanked the a**h*le for the opportunity to work with them and learn and whatever ( I really have no idea what I said exactly). Then I calmly got the hell out of there as quickly as I could.

The anger has not abated. Just enjoying the possibility of them paying my unemployment and telling everyone where not to go for services. ( if you want to know, write me a little comment and I will spread the word)


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