26 August 2005

Unemployment ticker

As of today at 5:30pm, I will have been unemployed (full-time at least) for TWO WEEKS!

Of course, it does not really seem like two whole weeks. First, I had a busy week of entertaining my Aunt and Uncle. This allowed me to forget that I was not really earning any money....mostly. Besides, I was kinda getting paid if one includes the week's "severance" pay that I received.

Now, however, the illusion is gone. I have nothing to do with my day besides work out and look for jobs. And the process of looking for jobs is the worst for making one feel useless and lost. Honestly, I have work that I could easily go back to, but nothing that I WANT to do with my time. But I feel increasingly that I am running out of time to be choosy.

My seriously ingrained work ethic and my slight case of OCD are joining forces. Consequently, I find myself creating work. The house plants have never been this well cared for and the dogs don't know what to do with the extra attention. My lab-mix actually hid at the other side of the house to get away from me! The buzzing of my brain is only lessened by intellectual activity, so I am currently reading three books and listening to two podcast novels on the IPOD. And I think the guys at the gym think that I am trying to move in there.

Ugh.....Curses to that tireless work ethic (brandishing a fist up to the sky)


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