01 August 2005

Quick recap of July events...

Oh, July, what a busy, busy month you were indeed.

I realize that this space entered a spot of suspended animation some time ago. I somewhat-genuinely apologize for that to whomever might read this site. (the number of "you" probably hovering below five and probably closer to zero than I would like to admit) I say only "somewhat-genuinely" because... well, I have a life and blogging or journaling is not highest on my daily to-do list right now. No offense intended to my fellow bloggers that find the time to write long, interesting entries daily or even multiple times a day (you over-achievers). No, I am not implying that these people do not have lives.....they are just better at managing their time....or they have different priorities than I do. Irregardless, little writing has been done.

In all fairness to myself, July was tightly packed with activities and road-trips. How about a quick recap of the last 2 weeks?

First, the passing of my birthday....which I pretty much glossed-over. Wiredmonkey fullfilled his job as an excellent boyfriend and put together a wonderful party on my behalf. Drinking began by noon. Drunkeness reached by 8pm. Passed out by 11pm with the aide of evil vodka in the form of large, dirty martinis. Ugh. Vodka is truly evil. WM wrote much, much more about the evening. Pictures forthcoming on flickr.

The rest of the month was eclipsed by WM's birthday weekend road-trip. We were chauffered and DJ'd by Burnoutzen. Great fun and a much needed break from the daily grind. My excellent ex-roomie from college played hostess much of the weekend, which was wonderful. I'm so happy that we were able to visit and catch up a bit. Two years is way too long (reminder that 5 year college reunion is coming in Oct). AGAIN, WM wrote lots more about the weekend. Check out the pictures from his site if you are curiouis.


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