19 August 2005

On the up side, you will have some free time...

The first thing that my dad said when I called to inform him of my sudden lack of full-time employment was priceless: " Well, at least you will be free to spend time with your Aunt and Uncle next week." Deep breath.....definitely another way to look at things.

Despite the discomfort that usually accompanies joblessness, the week was a great one. My dad's sister and her husband flew in from South Carolina on Monday. WM and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning waiting to pick them up from the airport. Standby status coupled with the ravages of a storm system that covered much of north america, forced them to sleep at the Atlanta airport. They arrived in Dallas via Salt Lake City, rumpled but no worse for the 32 hours of wear.

The visit proved to be action-packed. We crammed a week's worth of visiting in 3 days because they ended up having to leave 3 days early as well. Ugh. The plan was to spend as much time together as possible with them, especially since my uncle had never been here to visit. Of course, I forgot to take pictures.


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