24 August 2005

nanny, anyone?

So, I had a revelation. Last night while sitting at Dunn Brothers taking advantage of the rapid and free WIFI and waiting for WM to finish work, I discovered a new job opportunity. I could be a nanny!

Yes, I hear you, mister Doubting Thomas. You ask "LL, do you even have any nanny-type experience?" And the short answer would be: no. But the long answer is more complicated. I spent several hours, into the wee hours of this morning, listing in my head all the qualifications that I have for such a position:*
1) babysitting since 13 years old
2) 6 years experience Lifeguarding
3) 4 years experience teaching swimming lessons
4) 6 years experience working as EMT
5) 2 years experience working as Paramedic
6) CPR, First Aide, PALS, and ACLS certified
7) 6 years experience working with youth organizations
8) Excellent driving record
9) Passed multiple background checks
10) Energetic and fun
11) Loves children

*sorry, i am a big fan of lists lately, but they are just so wonderful and concise and I don't even have to worry about grammer and punctuation

Besides, the job would be perfect for someone in school because of the inherent flexibility. I could study while the kids nap! This is just an idea.....but it is also the first time that I am excited about something for a couple of weeks. Good sign?


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