22 August 2005

Money? I don't need no stinking money!

I propped myself up over the last week with the idea that I could always return to any of the last couple of employers for work or find work with one of the many competitors of the QD (aka: the jerks). Turns out that the hospital has suffered even more cut-backs and layoffs since the ones that prompted me to look elsewhere in the first place. Quickly translated: no hours available there. Apparently, most of the other Imaging facilities that I have talked to so far are not hiring right now. Funny, huh?

The only available option at the moment is a private ambulance company co-owned by one of my friends. They always have work for me. Truly great people that will do anything to help me out, but I REALLY don't want to go back to that. Does that make me a horrible and ungrateful friend?

My reasons:
1a) I put in 7 years of my life into ambulance work.....SEVEN YEARS!!!!!
1b) I love event work more than anything but I can't handle the paperwork and bull**** that goes into private transfer ambulance work.
2) I need to have something with some flexibility for school. If not, I might waste another couple of years just "waiting" for the perfect grad school option to come along
3) This is really more of a subset to #1....I need something new with new experiences to keep me fresh and interested.
4) Ambulance work would be a pay cut, again. Honestly, I'm 27 years old! I can't afford to barely maintain, I need to move forward with adult-type thing like owning a house and paying off debts.

Right now, I'm just working some events at a total of 15 hours per week...maybe. And vigorously undergoing every sort of job search imaginable. There is a line on a possible job in another private Diagnostic office in Dallas. Wish me luck.


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