26 August 2005

Unemployment ticker

As of today at 5:30pm, I will have been unemployed (full-time at least) for TWO WEEKS!

Of course, it does not really seem like two whole weeks. First, I had a busy week of entertaining my Aunt and Uncle. This allowed me to forget that I was not really earning any money....mostly. Besides, I was kinda getting paid if one includes the week's "severance" pay that I received.

Now, however, the illusion is gone. I have nothing to do with my day besides work out and look for jobs. And the process of looking for jobs is the worst for making one feel useless and lost. Honestly, I have work that I could easily go back to, but nothing that I WANT to do with my time. But I feel increasingly that I am running out of time to be choosy.

My seriously ingrained work ethic and my slight case of OCD are joining forces. Consequently, I find myself creating work. The house plants have never been this well cared for and the dogs don't know what to do with the extra attention. My lab-mix actually hid at the other side of the house to get away from me! The buzzing of my brain is only lessened by intellectual activity, so I am currently reading three books and listening to two podcast novels on the IPOD. And I think the guys at the gym think that I am trying to move in there.

Ugh.....Curses to that tireless work ethic (brandishing a fist up to the sky)

24 August 2005

nanny, anyone?

So, I had a revelation. Last night while sitting at Dunn Brothers taking advantage of the rapid and free WIFI and waiting for WM to finish work, I discovered a new job opportunity. I could be a nanny!

Yes, I hear you, mister Doubting Thomas. You ask "LL, do you even have any nanny-type experience?" And the short answer would be: no. But the long answer is more complicated. I spent several hours, into the wee hours of this morning, listing in my head all the qualifications that I have for such a position:*
1) babysitting since 13 years old
2) 6 years experience Lifeguarding
3) 4 years experience teaching swimming lessons
4) 6 years experience working as EMT
5) 2 years experience working as Paramedic
6) CPR, First Aide, PALS, and ACLS certified
7) 6 years experience working with youth organizations
8) Excellent driving record
9) Passed multiple background checks
10) Energetic and fun
11) Loves children

*sorry, i am a big fan of lists lately, but they are just so wonderful and concise and I don't even have to worry about grammer and punctuation

Besides, the job would be perfect for someone in school because of the inherent flexibility. I could study while the kids nap! This is just an idea.....but it is also the first time that I am excited about something for a couple of weeks. Good sign?

22 August 2005

Money? I don't need no stinking money!

I propped myself up over the last week with the idea that I could always return to any of the last couple of employers for work or find work with one of the many competitors of the QD (aka: the jerks). Turns out that the hospital has suffered even more cut-backs and layoffs since the ones that prompted me to look elsewhere in the first place. Quickly translated: no hours available there. Apparently, most of the other Imaging facilities that I have talked to so far are not hiring right now. Funny, huh?

The only available option at the moment is a private ambulance company co-owned by one of my friends. They always have work for me. Truly great people that will do anything to help me out, but I REALLY don't want to go back to that. Does that make me a horrible and ungrateful friend?

My reasons:
1a) I put in 7 years of my life into ambulance work.....SEVEN YEARS!!!!!
1b) I love event work more than anything but I can't handle the paperwork and bull**** that goes into private transfer ambulance work.
2) I need to have something with some flexibility for school. If not, I might waste another couple of years just "waiting" for the perfect grad school option to come along
3) This is really more of a subset to #1....I need something new with new experiences to keep me fresh and interested.
4) Ambulance work would be a pay cut, again. Honestly, I'm 27 years old! I can't afford to barely maintain, I need to move forward with adult-type thing like owning a house and paying off debts.

Right now, I'm just working some events at a total of 15 hours per week...maybe. And vigorously undergoing every sort of job search imaginable. There is a line on a possible job in another private Diagnostic office in Dallas. Wish me luck.

21 August 2005

Forget those new eyes you wanted, dear...


I really have no permanent job to speak of!!! And no steady income!!!!

Panic has set in.


19 August 2005

On the up side, you will have some free time...

The first thing that my dad said when I called to inform him of my sudden lack of full-time employment was priceless: " Well, at least you will be free to spend time with your Aunt and Uncle next week." Deep breath.....definitely another way to look at things.

Despite the discomfort that usually accompanies joblessness, the week was a great one. My dad's sister and her husband flew in from South Carolina on Monday. WM and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning waiting to pick them up from the airport. Standby status coupled with the ravages of a storm system that covered much of north america, forced them to sleep at the Atlanta airport. They arrived in Dallas via Salt Lake City, rumpled but no worse for the 32 hours of wear.

The visit proved to be action-packed. We crammed a week's worth of visiting in 3 days because they ended up having to leave 3 days early as well. Ugh. The plan was to spend as much time together as possible with them, especially since my uncle had never been here to visit. Of course, I forgot to take pictures.

13 August 2005

You are now entering...

Unemployment Land
Population: Me

Heh....Here I am, in the land of the unemployed or under-employed, again. Bitter? Who, me? Never. (lunatic grin coupled with a high-pitched giggle)

Well, at least I am past the "throwing things and wanting to do horrible things to the new supervisor" stage. Oh, my, I am still very angry. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I work, correction worked, at an undisclosed Diagnostic Center as a paramedic/medical assistant since the end of April. When I began, the place was in a state of disorder produced by rapid growth with little structure. The problems were aggravated by the fact that there was no one officially in charge of the medical personnel. Paperwork was outdated and useless and protocols were completely ineffectual. I was hired under the impression that they were considering one of the paramedic , including myself, for a supervisor position in the future. After the pre-requisite adjustment time, I began working with the doctors, office managers, and other paramedics in both offices to organize things and generally make things work better. I helped maintain a business contract for the company. By all accounts, I thought that I was doing an excellent job demonstrating my organizational and managerial abilities. My colleagues and I received numerous compliments on patient care. Good, job, right?

Upon returning from my road-trip weekend, one of my colleagues mentioned that there was a new paramedic wondering around the office during the day I was out. "No big deal", I thought, "there was a vacancy at the other office." The same gentleman showed up at the office the next day. No word from anyone. He appeared to be floating between meetings. Who cares, he isn't affecting my day.

Then, one of the girls that works at the front desk asks me what I think of my, deep breath, NEW SUPERVISOR! "What!" I ask. "What are you talking about?" She proceeds to explain that the man was introduced to her as the new MA supervisor last week. Let me reiterate....LAST WEEK!

A fact collection mission produces two important things:
1) not one of the paramedics were informed or introduced to the new "supervisor"
2) none of the paramedics were told that they were actually hiring anyone for the position.

One might say that these things are not unheard of or particularly unusual in the corporate world, but that doesn't make the pill any less bitter. The management set an example of showing little to no respect to the employees and the new "supervisor" followed their lead. Hard not to take such things personally.

The next two weeks were an education in inner-office politics. Daily doses of swollen pride and frustration the only thing on the menu. I told myself, "Self, don't worry about it. Things will get better when you move to the other office." And things did improve when I wasn't face to face with a constant reminder of my frustration. I figure that I can handle things while I continue to work toward something better. No big deal.

Friday started as any other day. Busy, busy, busy. At 5pm I was preparing to leave for the weekend, when the BOSS over both centers calls me into his office. "Bad news," he says. "We are letting you go."

*imagine dramatic, cartoonish jaw drop to the floor*

"Blah, blah, blah....We recently discovered that we can't afford 5 paramedics on the payroll...blah,blah,blah...Left it up to the 'new guy' to decide who would have to go...blah,blah...He decided on you today...blah...I don't really understand the choice, he didn't really explain, but I don't want to undermine his authority...blah,blah,blah....Letting him form his own team...blah,blah...You are a great employee and worked hard for us...blah, blah...Was supposed to be someone else...blah...We are going to give you one week extra pay to help you out, even though we don't usually do that...blah,blah...You helped us out when we really needed it.....blah,blah...I will gladly write you a recommendation...."

Honestly, this went on for some time while I picked my jaw up off the floor. Shock does not describe my feelings properly. The anger didn't kick in for several minutes after I graciously thanked the a**h*le for the opportunity to work with them and learn and whatever ( I really have no idea what I said exactly). Then I calmly got the hell out of there as quickly as I could.

The anger has not abated. Just enjoying the possibility of them paying my unemployment and telling everyone where not to go for services. ( if you want to know, write me a little comment and I will spread the word)

01 August 2005

Quick recap of July events...

Oh, July, what a busy, busy month you were indeed.

I realize that this space entered a spot of suspended animation some time ago. I somewhat-genuinely apologize for that to whomever might read this site. (the number of "you" probably hovering below five and probably closer to zero than I would like to admit) I say only "somewhat-genuinely" because... well, I have a life and blogging or journaling is not highest on my daily to-do list right now. No offense intended to my fellow bloggers that find the time to write long, interesting entries daily or even multiple times a day (you over-achievers). No, I am not implying that these people do not have lives.....they are just better at managing their time....or they have different priorities than I do. Irregardless, little writing has been done.

In all fairness to myself, July was tightly packed with activities and road-trips. How about a quick recap of the last 2 weeks?

First, the passing of my birthday....which I pretty much glossed-over. Wiredmonkey fullfilled his job as an excellent boyfriend and put together a wonderful party on my behalf. Drinking began by noon. Drunkeness reached by 8pm. Passed out by 11pm with the aide of evil vodka in the form of large, dirty martinis. Ugh. Vodka is truly evil. WM wrote much, much more about the evening. Pictures forthcoming on flickr.

The rest of the month was eclipsed by WM's birthday weekend road-trip. We were chauffered and DJ'd by Burnoutzen. Great fun and a much needed break from the daily grind. My excellent ex-roomie from college played hostess much of the weekend, which was wonderful. I'm so happy that we were able to visit and catch up a bit. Two years is way too long (reminder that 5 year college reunion is coming in Oct). AGAIN, WM wrote lots more about the weekend. Check out the pictures from his site if you are curiouis.