19 July 2005

short rant...

Please forgive me while I vent a bit. Entirely too often, I find myself subjected to a loud, ignorant rant about those "damn immigrants" who come to this country, usually illegally, in order to steal all the open jobs from hardworking, anglo-american men. Drew captures my sentiment exactly with his Damn Immigrants comic....subtle, I know.

America has always been more of a rich, chunky stew rather than the melting pot that it has been labeled. We are a country of immigrants. Immigrants that come through Ellis Island in regular tidal waves that immediately begin the complicated process to assimilate into current society while maintaining connections to their ancestral culture. And every immigrant group competes with the others to pick on the newest ingredient to tne immigrant stew. The Puritans picked on the quakers, the italians picked on the irish, and now everyone picks on middle eastern and hispanic people. This is a large part of our "rich" history, along with slavery and picking on native americans.

But, please, let's not lie to ourselves. Who wants the jobs that most immigrants gladly accept? How many people claim that they want to be a dishwasher, ditchdigger, maid, or janitor when they grow up? With all the oppportunities that this country offers, even with all the problems, can you blame parents for being willing to do anything in order to give a better life to their children?

Come on, people. Back off already.


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