27 June 2005


Bluberries are possibly the best fruit ever! This is no exaggeration, I have scientific studies to prove it.....with bar graphs and pie charts and everything. Some of my most elaborate childhood memories include the wonderful, bulbous blueberry. I remember riding along in Suzie-Q (the old, red volkswagen van that my parents owned back then) and seeing loads of bushes weighed down with blueberries. In Maine, they grow along the side of the road like weeds, everywhere. We would just pull into the ditch on the roadside (no shoulders on most of the roads around there) and wonder aimlessly into berry bliss. The first time, mom led me to the perfectly ripe fruit and gently demonstrated the best way to pull the small berries from the bush without damaging the plant. As soon as I tasted that burst of sweetness in my mouth, I was hooked. They could barely pull me away, all blue lips, stained teeth and purple hands. Till this day, I associate blueberries with the purest of childhood happiness.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed when WM called me to suggest a trip to east texas for some blueberry picking. What a great way to spend our third monthiversary....WM you are the coolest boyfriend ever! Truth be told, the whole weekend became a celebration. We were booked solid with activities.

Saturday: WM was tortured through a saturday morning in-service...yuk. Yet he was rewarded for his patience with a couple gift certificates for Fridays! The weekend began with WM and I meeting for a discounted early dinner and catching up. Then, off to meet some of the gang for Guy Forsythe at Deep Ellum Blues. Much drinking, laughing, and good music to enjoy.

Sunday: Up at the crack of 1200 for yummy brunch with mimosas and bloody mary's...mmmmmm i seriously could be that woman that wakes up every morning to a mimosa. Then off to pack up the car for the 1.5 hour trip to Blueberry Hill Farms. The friendly man at the shop warned that most of the berries were still not ripe, but kindly suggested where to look for the best. Two hours of careful picking later, WM and I had 4 pounds of wonderful blueberries to enjoy. We had a bit of a car picnic during the short road trip back (we were too hot and tired to sit on the picnic tables to eat) of homemade sandwiches. We ended the evening lounging around at the pool. All this fun but we keep forgetting to take pictures *sigh*

So many blueberries...what will we cook first?


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