01 June 2005

IPODs Galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IPOD photo is the best invention of at least the last ten years!!!!!

Tuesday was my parents' 30th anniversary. Over the weekend, I took them out to a nice, moderately-priced dinner. Then I promptly went out and bought myself a highly-priced IPOD photo. You may be thinking with some wry sarcasm, "What a wonderful daughter" but dont dismiss me too quickly.....

rationalization #1: said IPOD bought at the radio shack that my Dad manages. Hence, he gets the commission and credit for the sale (and i get some discounts on accessories)

rationalization #2: said daughter is throwing parents a surprise party next sunday

See, I'm not too bad after all.....right?

I know, hell in a handbasket....


Blogger WiredMonkey said...

Hey...just out of curiousity....if you're going to be going to be in that handbasket...does it have a built in radio-type-thing? And if it does..........can I use your iPod??? :D


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