20 June 2005

Father's Day shenanigans...

There are two holidays that I have a really hard time grasping: mother's day and father's day. Its not that I'm completely daft....I understand the general idea behind them: to set aside a day to remember how wonderful one's parents are, etc. Essentially, we are celebrating the fact that our parents got together for some of that good old horizontal mambo action, a pants party if you will.

*uncomfortable giggling* (Heh. Sorry, just overcome with two conflicting images...a little overload)

Anyway, the premise of the two days is wonderful. I just have a really hard time deciding what's an appropriate gift to give. As a child, things are easy. You make a card with your handprint and everyone thinks its the coolest thing ever created. Gift-giving started getting complicated for me once i left for college. As soon as you are working and living on your own, those cheap, hand-made gifts just dont seem like enough. Not that my parents care....they would be happy with another handmade card.

Also, since the holidays are so close, I start comparing the gifts that I get. I find myself asking stupid and crazy questions like: "Is that movie pass that I bought my dad as good as the pedicure that I bought my mom last month?" Or I feel guilty if I take one parent out for a meal and don't have the time or money for the other. As, if my parents sit around at night and compare the quality of gifts.

Am I truly this materialistic? Or do I just want to express my love and appreciation to the utmost? I'm probably just materialistic and shallow.

Regardless... I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day


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