22 April 2005

what is this craziness?

Please forgive the blatant references to a movie that I cannot think about without giggling. Heh, heh....

This blog was created spontaneously during a visit to a wonderful local coffee shop with free WIFI. Dunn Brothers is the best discovery that Wired Monkey (aka The Boy) and I have stumbled across. Anyway, recent discussions about writing and life goals reminded me of all the slacking going on in that arena over the last couple months. Reading some blogs, including The Boy's, inspired a new creation.

Oh, yeah....probably still wondering what all this rambling has to do with the key question: what the h*ll does the title mean? The short answer: anchorman was one of the first movies that The Boy and I watched together and has become one of those things quoted incessantly. That and I can't keep a straight face when I think of Brick talking about the "pants party."

I'm not kidding.
Watch this movie, you will not be able to stop laughing.


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